We’re turning the auto transport industry on its head
by letting you set your price.

What vehicle would you like to ship?

We’re not your typical auto transport broker

Say goodbye to hidden fees and mysterious motives. Our innovative approach to shipping cars puts you in charge. You tell us what you’re willing to pay and we transport your vehicle. It’s that simple. By leveraging our insight, gained from years in the auto transport industry, along with the latest technology we make this customer-centric experience not only possible, but a reality.

When you choose Bargain Auto Transport – you’re in the driver’s seat.

We empower you to make the decisions.

The final price is decided by one person: you. The Bargain team provides you with the insight we’ve gained from years in the industry as well as market-based data for your specific route.

Using the information we’ve shared, you’ll tell us what you are willing to pay to transport your car and we’ll go right to work finding you a driver that meets our high standards. Bargain will be there every step of the way to provide updates and make sure your needs are met.

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What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

Shipping Distance

The longer the distance of your shipment the greater the total cost; however, for every mile your car travels, the cost per mile typically decreases.

Vehicle Size & Weight

If your vehicle is bigger or heavier than average it will impact your price.

Car Condition

Car not operating? Not an issue. So long as it can roll, break and steer – we can transport your vehicle.

Transport Method

We recommend open transport as it is the most cost-effective method. If you need additional protection, closed transport is the way to go.


One way to reduce a transport’s cost is by meeting a driver in an easy-to-access location. If you live in a remote area far from major roads, you can save money by meeting a driver in a nearby city or near a major highway. Also, the more flexible you can be with regards to your timeline, both the pickup date and the delivery window – the more likely you are to spend less shipping your vehicle.

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Is Bargain Auto Transport right for you?

You want the best deal possible

If you want to know where every penny goes, Bargain is the broker for you. As you dictate every dollar spent, we will create a customized shipment plan, provide excellent customer service and find you the best driver to transport your vehicle.

You like to be in control

Like being in the driver’s seat? We get it. You decide what you’re willing to pay and the Bargain team will work for you behind the scenes to make your shipment happen accordingly.

You want terrific customer experience

From the first phone call to vehicle delivery, we promise to provide top-notch customer service with frequent communication, upfront, transparent pricing and tireless effort to find you the safest carrier.

Combining technology and industry insight to deliver the best experience.

We partner with you to determine the lowest possible cost to relocate your vehicle. You’ll work with a representative to get your car moved successfully within your timeline and budget. Behind the scenes, our team is monitoring routes and price fluctuations to alert you should there be any developments in the marketplace.

When you choose Bargain you’re working with an innovative company committed to ensuring a great experience for customers by implementing a revolutionary approach that works to deliver your car at the lowest cost available.

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