Why Bargain?

We're seasoned professionals bringing you the ultimate car shipping experience.

We’re car shipping experts who, after operating in the auto transportation industry for years, realized there’s a better experience to offer customers. Fueled by customers’ frustration with the industry and our desire provide the best auto transport experience – we created Bargain to revolutionize the process.

Staffed by seasoned auto transport professionals and a team of dedicated data scientists, we promise to provide the best customer service in the industry all while moving your car at the lowest price.

How is Bargain different?

Rather than calculate a quote to ship your car and give you an ultimatum—this price or no dice—we let you control the process. Too frequently, brokers promise customers a low price for shipment that no driver is willing to accept. This is where Bargain breaks the mold. We happily share insider industry secrets to help you ship your car at the lowest price possible within your timeframe.

Equipped with this much-needed insight into the industry and you tell us what you’re willing to pay. Then we’ll get to work on your behalf to get your car moved according to your preferences. 

When you choose Bargain you’re working with an innovative company committed to ensuring a great experience for customers by implementing a revolutionary approach that works to deliver your car at the lowest cost available.

Transparency at every step.

We’re not your typical auto transport broker and we don’t act like it. Gone are the days when you needed to worry about whether or not your broker was working hard enough to get your car delivered. We’re upfront and honest about our process and are deeply invested in ensuring your satisfaction. We don’t get paid until we find a suitable driver for your shipment.

We put you in the driver's seat.

At Bargain, you make the decisions. We contribute insights into the auto transport industry and marketplace analytics to help you determine the best strategy to get your car shipped at the lowest cost.

We’ll share the price you've chosen in the driver marketplace - allowing carriers to review it and potentially accept the job of moving your car. Based on carrier feedback and market changes, we will provide you with updates and recommend any necessary price adjustments.

No action, be it a price increase or accepting a carrier’s offer, will be ever taken without your approval. You set the price at all times.

With Bargain, you decide.

At Bargain, the entire experience revolves around your preferences, desires and choices. Rather than tell you what you should pay, we put you in charge. We can ensure that you will pay the best price to move your car because you’ll determine what is best.

You’ll always know where you stand when you work with Bargain.

We'll ship your car - at the lowest price.

Whether you have a sedan, a luxury vehicle that you worked for years to acquire, an antique Chevy from your aunt or a clunker that won’t start - Bargain can help. No matter the vehicle type, our revolutionary methodology to get you the lowest price stays the same.