How it works

How does Bargain Auto Transport work?

We put you in control. Armed with crucial insight our representatives provide you, such as the average cost of shipments similar to yours, you then decide what you’re willing to pay to move your car based on your transport preferences and priorities.

We're lifting the veil on the auto transport process to get you the most cost-effective shipment.

We’re restoring control to the most important person in the process – you. Based on your transport preferences, such as pickup date and budget, and the expertise we’ve gained from thousands of transports, we will recommend a thoughtful initial bid to offer drivers to ship your car.

Should your timeframe change or drivers not respond to the initial bid offered, we will work with you to refine your offer to make your transport more enticing the drivers so that it gets picked up. We promise no action, be it a price increase or accepting a carrier’s offer to transport the vehicle, will ever be taken without your approval.

Imagine there are three people who would like to ship their cars from Des Moines, Iowa to Dallas, Texas around the same time. Car #1’s broker offers drivers $1000. $900 is offered by Car #2’s broker and Car #3’s lists $600. Which car is most likely to get picked up first by a driver? Car #1, the highest offer, of course.

If you were a driver, wouldn’t you want to be paid as much as possible for the same level of effort? Which car is likely to get picked up last or not at all? Car #3. As its broker did the customer a disservice by quoting an unrealistically low price. With Bargain, we provide you with the relevant information and you decide how much you would like to offer the drivers.

Ultimately, your priorities and preferences dictate your transportation experience. No matter what you decide, Bargain will be there every step of the way to ensure a successful transport.

The Bargain vehicle shipping process


Get a quote

Submit your transport information to discover the market price for relocating your vehicle.

Decide pricing strategy

Once we understand the specifics of your transport, we'll work with you to determine your pricing strategy based on real-time, market-based data and our industry insight.

Shipment is confirmed and your vehicle is picked up

Now that the final price of your transport has been determined, we’ll use our intensive vetting process to find you the best driver to relocate your vehicle. The driver will be in touch to confirm the pickup time.Together, you’ll inspect the vehicle and make detailed notes of its current condition before it’s loaded onto the carrier.

Meet your driver at delivery!

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your vehicle shipment and let you know when to expect your driver at your preferred delivery location. On delivery day, you’ll inspect your vehicle, sign the Bill of Lading, pay the remaining balance and that’s that.